Is Customer Care Service actually Caring?

Customer Care as the name indicates it’s for the help of customers. All the sectors like banks, insurance,eCommerce, Home Appliances, and many more having their customer service. In India, the Customer Service or Customer helpline industry is growing in a very drastic manner.

Previously customer care service is just known for Telecom companies like Airtel, Idea, JIO, Vodafone, BSNL, etc. Since mobile was not so common in India that day.

As the Mobile revolution came to India this Customer care service became an important part of our lives and Each one of us at any point in time need them for help.

Advantages Of Customer Care Service For Customer – The Good Side

  1. Direct Reach To Provider: Nowadays customer can direct launch there issues to providers and reach of customer increased and
  2. Easy and Fast Resolutions: Due to the availability of Customer care services users are easily able to raise their concerns and also get them to resolve fast.
  3. Saves Time and Money: Now you just have to call your customer care and your issue has resolved some issue though need manual visit but most of the issues in any industry are resolved over the call only. this way its saving time for customers to be in a queue to a service center and money of course.

Advantages Of Customer Care Service For Companies- The Good Side

  1. Faster Resolutions: Companies are able to resolve issues faster and with very fewer efforts and time customer issues are resolved or directed for resolutions.
  2. Customer Retention: Good Customer service will build customer trust and which will increase customer retention.
  3. Word Of Mouth Publicity: Good customer service will make you the customer to publicize service provider praise to other persons this is a best and free marketing strategy. This only comes from good service and customer Trust.

Other Side of Customer Service:

Customer Care service is now also becoming a lead generation and remarketing Technique. Companies are trying to re-market there products and services through customer service. Customer who is calling itself to the customer care center for there problems could the source of leads for the companies. Also after service customer feedback which is also nowadays in trends will also itself a lead generator.

Some calls which people get on the name of some big insurance company and asking for there service “Are you happy by our service!!”

“Do you have any problem with our service.”

And if the answer is “No” then they come to the main point of asking is there any other requirement of policy or new products.

If the person says yes then actual marketing starts. Then you get to know this call is not from the company whose name initially the caller took. It is a middleware company that only generates lead by these calls and sells it to other companies.

Be Aware Fake Customer Service

Some customer service calls are now asking for your credit card details, ATM pins, passwords, etc on the name of support. People who are ignorant of this will give their personal details and became victims of fraud.

Daily People are getting around 5 to 6 such calls which actually not related to them. People who are calling want your 2 mins and then 2 mins always end in 20-30 mins. People on calls actually emotionally blackmailing you to buy their product or service. They also showing you the fear of your death or your family’s health. Sometimes after a long convincing call, some people buy products or services.

Due to some such calls, other good customer service providers facing heat from Customers. Irritated people use foul or abusive language sometimes. People should also think that not all such customers care peoples are wrong they are doing there job.


Customer care or Customer helpline makes peoples life easy and it’s for the help of people but due to some fraudulent and irritating marketing calls people losing there cool on them. What is your opinion Is Customer Care Actually Caring?? Please tell us your reply in the comments.

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